Acupuncture Treatment for Hemorroids

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for the symptoms of hemorrhoids.  Acupuncture treatment works particularly well for the symptoms of protruding hemorrhoids, and the protrusion will  recede following my treatment.  The symptoms produced by hemorrhoids can be very annoying.  The symptoms of hemorrhoids range from minor discomfort, prickly pain, burning or an inability to sit.  Many times hemorrhoids bleed, producing blood in the toilet or on the paper following a bowel movement.

If I can treat a hemorrhoid shortly after it forms, I can often make it resolve and recede.  Hemorrhoids that have been present for a longer time, or that are larger in size require several treatment sessions.  Most often improvement is felt twenty four hours after treatment.  I teach diet and herbs for prevention in recurring cases.  Ask me about an auricular implant that is an effective way to avoid surgery.  Points on the legs are most commonly used, sometimes with points on the sacrum.