Traditional Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses natural substances to effectively treat illness.  More than 450 items, ranging from plants and minerals to foods, form the pharmacopoeia.  These items are combined in a balanced way to conform to an individual patient’s diagnostic picture.  Chinese Herbal Medicines are meant to ease a body in the direction of better function and health.  Traditionally these items were boiled into a soup or tea.  Modern processing techniques prepare standardized medicinal extracts of herbs in convenient powder form which can be mixed with water or encapsulated.  I prescribe traditional teas or modern extracts  in my practice

Nutritional Medicine

Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine both recognize the importance of one’s diet and nutritional status in the maintenance of health. Most of the patients I see, when asked, say they have a healthy diet. People visiting an acupuncturist often have taught themselves what is healthy to eat. A healthy diet, though, may not carry the nutrients an individual’s body requires. After examining a patient, using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques combined with modern laboratory testing, I can determine the nutritional status and nutritional needs of an individual. A diet that is healthy and that addresses those needs is prescribed. Nutritional supplements are often included for their medicinal effects.

I have practiced this form of medicine effectively for thirty years.

Nutritional Supplements

There is a large variety of nutritional supplements available to the consumer. Many have an impressive list of ingredients. Most patients are unable to evaluate these products and therefore are not satisfied with the results.

In my 30 years of practice I have prescribed nutritional supplements effectively. I have learned which products have the correct potency and the dose that is needed by the individual patient. In my practice, patients are evaluated and told the supplements they need for their individual condition. Evaluation is made by traditional diagnostic techniques and laboratory tests when needed.