In The News

“Sandra Bullock and acupuncture” 3/16/2010 – Sandra Bullock keeps beautiful with acupuncture treatment

“Celine Dion and acupuncture” 5/31/2010- Celine Dion is pregnant with twins after acupuncture treatment for fertility

“Jennifer Aniston” 8/5/2010 – Jennifer Aniston on the advice of Sheryl Crow has Acupuncture Treatment to enhance her Fertility

“J-Lo loses weight” -8/5/2010 – Jennifer Lopez (“J – Lo”) has Acupuncture Treatment for Weight Loss

“Military and acupuncture”-8/27/2010 – US Military turns to acupuncture for pain control

Military still uses acupuncture treatment for injured veteran rehabilitation -2/17/2011 “Military pokes holes in medical skeptic’s theory”